Fashion Week Coverage

Experience the glamour and excitement of the fashion world with our comprehensive Fashion Week coverage. We capture stunning images and videos during Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, as well as at prestigious events like the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. Our work ensures you have a lasting record of these iconic events.

Explore our services and let Julia’s Photography create stunning visuals that tell your story with elegance and artistry. For more information and bookings, please contact us through our website.

Our comprehensive photography services include:

150 € per show/outfit

  • Full-Size Shots: Showcasing the complete look with style and sophistication.
  • Detailed Close-Ups: Highlighting the intricate elements and craftsmanship.
  • Portraits: Capturing the essence and personality behind the fashion, bringing out the true spirit of the event.

Complementing our photography, we offer a range of video reel services to enhance your storytelling:

“The walk in slow motion”

100 €

7-10  minutes of shooting time (1 outfit).
Capture the elegance and grace of your style with a beautifully crafted slow-motion video, perfect for showcasing your favorite outfit in a unique and captivating way.

“Fashion week” 

200 €

10-15 minutes of shooting time (1 outfit/street style).

Highlight your street style or a standout outfit with a dynamic fashion video, expertly shot to bring out the best of your look in an urban setting.

“Time laps 

in the city”

100 €

10 minutes of shooting time (1 outfit/street style).

Create a mesmerizing time-lapse video that captures the vibrant energy of city life. This package is ideal for showcasing your style against the dynamic backdrop of an urban landscape.

“Getting ready”

Capture the intimate and exciting moments of your preparation process. This package focuses on the detailed and personal aspects of getting ready, highlighting your style and the behind-the-scenes magic.

  • 1 Hour Shooting: Multiple outfits or getting ready: 350 €
  • Enjoy a comprehensive shooting session that captures the full range of your style. Whether it’s a series of outfits or the intimate moments of getting ready, this package provides ample time to create stunning visual stories.
  • 2 Hours Shooting: Multiple outfits, getting ready or your ideas 600 €
  • Immerse yourself in a detailed and extended fashion filmmaking experience. Perfect for multiple locations, diverse looks, and a rich, narrative-driven video that truly showcases your fashion journey.
  • Full-day service: For those requiring a full-day service, it is available upon request. Please contact me for further details and to customize your experience.


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